The Farm

The Farm of Makris Athens

MAKRIS Athens farm

At the heart of MAKRIS Athens' gastronomic philosophy is the cultivation of vegetables, herbs, aromatic, edible flowers and their use in dishes. Fresh and local ingredients that are all in season are the key ingredients of its creative cuisine.

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Organic farming

The restaurant’s farm, located at the foothills of ancient Corinth, is the heart of the creative process and consists of greenhouses, orchards and partridges where vines, olives, vegetables and herbs are grown organically.

Organic farming

Nature & gastronomy

We believe in the indissoluble bond between nature and gastronomy, and that each dish tells a story about the land and the place of its finest ingredients. The experience of gastronomic delight that we want to offer to our guests always starts with our respect for the land that feeds us.

Greenhouse of Makris Athens Restaurant in Athens