Experiences MAKRIS Athens

MAKRIS Athens restaurant, wanting to connect you even more with its philosophy and fine dining, offers a series of experiences through which those who participate will experience the joy of creation at various stages of the culinary process. You are all welcome to discover with us the secrets of the Greek land and the flavours it offers. Each of you will be the star in a fun and revealing journey of knowledge and enjoyment.

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Olive oil tasting

Discover some exceptional varieties of Greek olive oil, where every drop has a story to tell about the place where it was born. The olive oil tasting is organized in MAKRIS and specifically in the Private Dining Room Aktiki, next to the ancient findings, with a view of the Acropolis. Participants will have the opportunity to taste labels from the restaurant’s premium list, delve into flavors and aromas with the guidance of our experienced team, and purchase their favorite olive oils.

Wine tasting

Raise your glass and taste some of the most important labels of the Greek and international vineyards, at the wine tasting organized by MAKRIS, in its mysterious space. Indulge in the knowledge of the sommeliers of the MAKRIS team who will explain the secrets of winemaking and introduce you to the multidimensional world of wines, as you taste some of the great Greek and foreign wines available in our cellar.

Γευσιγνωσία κρασιού

Mixology class

The mixology class is an innovative experience that MAKRIS offers to all those who wish to learn the secrets of cocktails from the best. This interactive class will introduce you to the art of creating exquisite cocktails, applying special techniques and using unexpected ingredients along with the premium and rarely available drinks of MAKRIS cellar. This fine drinking experience will be an inspiration for your own handcrafted timeless or signature cocktails and will take you on a journey into a world of creativity and enjoyment.

MAKRIS at home

The magic of fine dining comes to your home. Chef Patron Petros Dimas and his team will cook for you, in the kitchen of your home and create a special menu for every occasion. Whether it is a private, formal or business dinner, the people of MAKRIS will discuss your needs with you, and will design a personalized menu of your choice for you and your guests. The purchase of your chosen ingredients and wines is part of the process, and we also provide you the option of having your guests served by our service team.

Farm – live cooking

We invite you to a slow living experience, where nature and gastronomy reveal their close relationship. The farm – live cooking will be taking place at the MAKRIS farm, which was built in the foothills of Corinth by the parents of Chef Patron Petros Dimas in 2008. Their love for nature and plants inspired Petros who has been growing vines, olive trees, herbs, flowers and many fruit and vegetables on the farm for years, together with his parents.

The chef, wanting to share with you his love for nature and good food, will welcome you to the farm where you will gather vegetables, fruits, aromatic plants and herbs to cook together the dishes you have predefined. The menu can be vegan, meat or fish based depending on your preferences. You will enjoy the joy of cooking by the flowerbeds, roast on the fire, in the stone wood-fired oven, taste your food with fine wine pairing and experience a day full of flavors and aromas.

*Your participation in farm-live cooking requires a previous visit to MAKRIS Athens.